spiritual sinkholes bookSpiritual Sinkholes

Clergy and church leaders leave ministry for a variety of reasons such as moral failure, financial stresses, marital problems, burnout, and a debilitating stress condition known as Compassion Fatigue. Church leaders are especially vulnerable to experiencing Compassion Fatigue due to the nature of their care-giving role and lack of personal self-care.

Most commonly defined as `the cost of caring too much,` Compassion Fatigue is not easily recognized, but its effects on ministry leaders are clearly visible.

Spiritual Sinkholes encourages readers to realize that practising self-care is not selfish. It identifies and explains the signs and symptoms of Compassion Fatigue along with presenting practical life applications that will lead to the development of healthy self-care practises.

This is a “must read” for front-line care givers. -Pierre Bergeron, Lieutenant-Colonel, Canadian Forces

Here is a manual for setting your feet on a solid rock with a firm place to repair and re-boot -Best-selling author and professor Leonard Sweet (Drew University, George Fox University)

I cannot recommend this book strongly enough. If you are in the ministry this is survival kit reading. -Dr. Ted Roberts, President of Pure Desire Ministries International

Reading this book purged me like a walk in the park with a really honest friend; not afraid to face me with fresh vision from God’s heart for the hearts of his shepherds. – Bart Thomas, Pastor

Two thumbs up for this book and it’s author.  – Ray Houston, retired paramedic

“Spiritual Sinkholes” is a must-read for those who face the ‘cost of caring too much’. -Rev. Ken Russell, Superintendent of the BC and Yukon District of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada

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